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Internship Program

Upskill and grow with us, with exposure to industry-standard programs and learning materials.

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Our Purpose

At BusinessTechLabs, we understand the value of giving back to the community, however we can. We wish to adopt inexpensive ways of giving back, on behalf of us, and our clients as well. We wish to approach this endeavor as a community initiative.


Presently, students face a daunting task in choosing from numerous courses and internships, causing confusion. The uncertainty surrounding the outcomes further complicates this decision-making process. Often, they invest in costly programs without clarity on their potential returns, resulting in wasted time and funds. These misguided choices lead to frustration and impede their career progression.


We aim to tackle this problem with our Internship program. It is tailored to provide hands-on experience in enterprise software development within remote team settings in today's post-pandemic landscape. Our goal is to prepare candidates for employment at low-to-no cost, offering the opportunity to earn a stipend while participating in the program.

What our interns say

Hear from our interns about their experiences, working with us.

Ragini Chakraborty, Product Manager


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"My internship with BusinessTechLabs has been a truly rewarding experience. I enjoyed and learned a lot being part of a highly motivated team who mentored me throughout the tenure. Here learning new skills and implementing them in real-time go hand in hand. The best part was that I got paid for learning these skills! 
Whether someone is a fresh graduate straight out of college or is an experienced professional who is trying to explore something new, this platform can be a great start to push that resume!"

Rontu Barhoi, Mobile Development Training


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"It was a great journey to be a part of Business Tech Labs. From the beginning, I could learn as well as apply different concepts which has immensely helped me to understand the ins and outs of software. It was a huge fortune for me that I could reach any person of the team and could ask them to describe anything which I don't know about , and in response in most of the cases they even described the things with real life implementations. It was a huge learning opportunity for me as I was given a responsibility to develop one of their products from scratch , whenever I got struck in any stage I could directly reach any of the team members and could discuss and find solutions to those. Along with those support I could also get access to many courses that helped me to learn more. Through the journey, I have got an amazing team that helped me to enhance my tech skills as well as supported me to grow."

Rajarshi Chakraborty, Web and App Development Training


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"My experience with BusinessTechLabs started as a mobile development Intern and within a month of my internship, I was talking to clients and managing a whole project myself ! So the opportunities here are not bound to your experience or degree! Everyone is extended an equal opportunity to grow , learn and execute.
I have since joined full-time and I cannot emphasize enough how much I learn here every day "

Shubham Singh, Spring Boot Development Training


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"I thoroughly enjoyed my internship and now have valuable knowledge and experience. I got to learn and work on tools and techniques which are currently most used in the IT market which would be helpful for me in the future. I always got some extra knowledge thanks to our lead Mr.Kulpreet and Mr.Naveen. "

Kingshuk Barua, Spring Boot Development Training


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"This was one of the best internship experience I've received till date. An absolutely fruitful 3 months. I'm really inspired from Kulpreet and Naveen. Their guidance helped me complete all the tasks smoothly. "

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